Low cost green building energy efficient roof ice prevention and melting systems with HotEdge Heat Cable Containment

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017
Low cost green building energy

Soon to be the ONLY UL APPROVED system, HotEdge patented and patent pending roof transfer and cable containment system products direct thermal energy to the roof edge, roof valleys and drip lines. They effectively promote ice melt drainage and prevent refreezing, ice dams and icicle formation that can damage roofs, siding and interior structures and lead to growth and circulation of mold.

Homeowners in the Greater Boston area can finally have peace of mind knowing they can add HotEdge low maintenance roofing systems to their existing roof or have it installed during roof replacement. Homeowners in Northern climates such as Boston know all too well how stressful and expensive it is to deal with ice dams, icicles, ice melt, bitter cold conditions and snow accumulation on their roof. Now for the first time ever, HotEdge products offer a viable solution and can be installed by MasterCraft, the exclusive Boston roofing contractor for these products at the present time.

John O’Brien, MasterCraft owner and specialty roofing contractor is committed to innovative solutions for solving problems faced by homeowners and local businesses in the Greater Boston area. With back-to-back blizzards with record low temperatures over the past several weeks with more weeks of winter to come, homeowners will want to sign up right away to get on the list for a HotEdge installation by MasterCraft. The quote is free and without any obligation. Click here now and request a no obligation free estimate for a HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System for your home or commercial property.

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