Solar Attic Fan Roof Special Expiring Soon!

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017

Solar-Powered Attic Fans are one of the best investments Boston homeowners can make for ice dam roof protection that safeguards home and health.

Solar Attic Fan Roof

Solar-Powered Attic Fans Reduce Attic Heat and Damaging Moisture

Even new homes often lack sufficient ventilation and air exchange, allowing for humidity to form and ascend upwards where it results in damage to the roof, insulation, plywood and produces mold. Another problem is a significant build up of heat that is transferred into your home’s living spaces. In the summer, this means higher air conditioning costs. In the winter, attic heat produces snow melt that accumulates and refreezes at the eaves and valleys, producing destructive ice dam formation.

MasterCraft will install Solar Star solar attic fans in any sunny roof location of your home. These can replace existing roof vents, offering passive roof designs including whirlybirds, dormer and powered vents. Solar attic fans convert existing passive vents into quiet, eco-friendly solar powered solutions that eliminate harmful heat build up and damaging moisture.

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Once you understand the damage and costs to your home and health caused by ice dams, attic heat and moisture with associated mold, ask yourself if you can really afford NOT to invest in this revolutionary green building technology. Homeowners in the Boston MA area know all too well the damage and costs associated with ice dam formation. Some homeowners paid more than $5,000 per storm for removal of ice dams last winter. The cost savings of clearing ice dams alone through solar attic fan installation and a few other ice melting roofing strategies can pay for themselves over and over again. Summer and early Fall are ideal times to make these home improvements so that you can look forward to a winter without these major concerns.

We Inspect your Roof and Give you a FREE Quote with NO Obligation

If your roof is leaking and needs significant repairs, roof replacement may be your better solution. Roofing products installed by MasterCraft include a LIFETIME Warranty with one of the industry’s highest wind ratings of 130 MPH. Mastercraft is an expert licensed and insured contractor / installer for custom roofing and gutters including VIRTUALLY SEAMLESS VINYL and VINYL SHINGLES.

Homeowners Choose MasterCraft for Specialty Roofing Services…

MASTERCRAFT is a Registered, Licensed and Insured Expert Residential and Commercial Contractor / Installer, providing specialty roofing contractor services in the Greater Boston area since 1986.

  • MasterCraft is an approved installer for the revolutionary Solar Star Attic Roof Fan product.

  • MasterCraft offers UNMATCHED warranties on roof replacement with 10 years non-prorated for labor and material in addition to a lifetime warranty from Owens Corning manufacturer on the materials.

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