Avoiding Costly Home Repairs through Boston Roofing Contractor Specialist Services

  • By Master Craft
  • 27 Dec, 2011
Avoiding Costly Home Repairs

Imagine returning to your Greater Boston home after spending the winter in sunny Florida to find warped exterior siding, water stained ceilings and the damp, musty odor of mold – every homeowner’s nightmare. This common occurrence results from damaging ice dams and the melting and refreezing of ice on the roof’s edge and valleys. Over time, roofing materials become weakened, vinyl siding warps and roof leaks damage interior walls, ceilings, and furnishings. The formation and circulation of mold can produce serious risks to the health of people and pets living within the home.

Fortunately, homeowners can confidently travel during winter months and return to a home that is protected from ice dam roofing catastrophic damage. Thousands of dollars, considerable time and stress from costly repairs can be prevented – often with roof replacement or enhancement of an existing roof with a green building energy efficient ice melt roofing system.

Since 1986, John O’Brien of MasterCraft has provided specialist roofing contractor services in Massachusetts. MasterCraft is an exclusive installer of the green building energy efficient HotEdge Ice Melt System in the Greater Boston area. Homeowners are invited to request a free roofing inspection and quote from MasterCraft expert specialty roofers.

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