Home Improvements that Make Sense in a Declining Real Estate Market

  • By Master Craft
  • 09 Mar, 2017
Home Improvements
Your home has always been your very best investment – that is, until the 2008 market crash that left a glut of properties in foreclosure and caused real estate values to plummet. With recovery uncertain and declining values continuing, many homeowners are reluctant to invest in repairs and renovations that are desperately needed and desired.

FIVE important reasons to consider a home improvement makeover in these dismal economic times.

These are:

1. Make your home more sellable.

  • 2. Increase energy efficiency.
  • 3. Save you money.
  • 4. Increase your comfort.
  • 5. Decrease maintenance requirements.

1. Make your home more sellable…

Let’s face it. It’s a buyers market with an abundance of properties on the market actively competing with one another for a buyer. Realtors know too well that buyers are looking for trouble free properties – not those in disrepair that require a substantial investment in money, time and stress to make them beautiful, energy efficient and easy to maintain. An old roof, faded warped siding and drafty windows are likely to attract bargain hunters only who steal the property for a fraction of its value – and such buyers are few and far between, leaving the property on the market for a lengthy period of time.

What homeowners often fail to appreciate is the value of investing in those exterior home improvements – renovations that add aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements and substantial savings on fuel costs. Such improvements will easily be recouped in a higher selling price and attract serious buyers. With added aesthetic appeal from a new roof, fiber cement siding or Energy Star windows, these enhancements will put you out in front of all the other properties, making it much easier to find a buyer when the time comes.

2. Increase energy efficiency…

The one single home improvement that will provide home owners with the greatest benefit in energy savings and comfort is window replacement with efficient Energy Star rated windows. From roofing to warm vinyl siding, James Hardie Fiber Cement siding and Energy Star window replacement, there is no better way to tighten up an old drafty home and make it eco-friendly than with with green home building solutions that save environmental resources, conserve energy and money while promoting a healthy living environment.

3. Save money…

Energy Star windows and patio doors that were qualified under the 2010 year for federal tax credits, were determined to reduce energy bills by 7-15% in comparison to products that did not qualify. This means that window replacement with the proper U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, the two critical measures of energy performance, combined with an expert installation by a specialty window contractor, is one of the best investments a homeowner can make to reduce his or her energy costs.

With their environmentally controlled, baked on finish that is consistent and fade resistant, James Hardie fiber cement siding saves homeowners approximately $5000 in painting costs over the next 8 years.

4. Increase your comfort…

Homeowners in the Greater Boston area and other brutal Northern climates know all too well, the bitter cold that chills to their bones, sometimes even with layer upon layer of clothing. Fortunately with professionally installed energy efficient home improvements like window replacement, roofing and siding, Massachusetts residents can feel comfortable in their homes during summer and the brutal winter months without excessive bundling or the need to carry around risky space heaters.

5. Decrease maintenance requirements…

Exterior home repairs and normal maintenance does not have to be a burdensome chore for homeowners. Fiber Cement siding is virtually maintenance free. Along with it’s ability to withstand fire, hurricane force winds, flooding, insects, color fading and warping, maintenance with fiber cement siding is limited to annual power washing and caulking. Energy efficient roofing with ice melt systems prevent the damaging effects of ice dams that seriously compromise interior and exterior structures. Energy Star windows are easy to clean and maintain. Energy efficient replacement windows can be made of wood, vinyl or a wood and vinyl combination. Vinyl interior and exterior windows require the least maintenance with no painting required and grids between the glass that make them incredibly fast to clean.

Whether it’s making your home more sellable, increasing energy efficiency and comfort, saving money, or decreasing maintenance requirements, window, roofing and siding home improvements are investments well worth making in any market.

Why homeowners choose MasterCraft for specialty roofing, siding and window services…

MASTERCRAFT is a Registered, Licensed and Insured Expert Residential and Commercial Contractor / Installer, providing specialty window, siding and roofing contractor services in the Greater Boston area since 1986.

  • MasterCraft is the recommended installer for James Hardie Fiber Cement siding in the Greater Boston area.
  • MasterCraft was one of the first home improvement contractors in the Greater Boston area to achieve this EPA lead removal certification.
  • MasterCraft offers UNMATCHED warranties on roof replacement with 10 years non-prorated for labor and material in addition to a lifetime warranty from Owens Corning manufacturer on the materials.
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