Best Boston Home Improvement Winter Makeover is Energy Star Window Replacement

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017
Best Boston Home Improvement

If you’re living in an older home, chances are your about to feel chilled to your bones as severe winter with its bitter cold temperatures penetrates your single pane windows and leaks drafty air around the window frames. You might be thinking how great it would be to have a home improvement makeover with efficient Energy Star replacement windows and doors. If these thoughts are going through your mind, stop right now and consider two important points first:

  1. Some of the better quality Energy Star replacement windows are not the more expensive nationally advertised window brands.
  2. Without a proper installation, the best windows in the world will not reduce fuel costs or keep the drafts out.

When you consider that window brands like Anderson and Pella pay huge amounts of money in advertising to promote their brand, keep in mind that their advertising and marketing costs are included in the price of their windows. A higher priced window does not necessarily mean you are getting a better window. In fact, Anderson Renewal literature doesn’t even mention important “warm values” such as the U-value and R-factors. Anderson’s Fibrex frame, although innovative, is warranted for only 10 years and the glass is warranted to be free from “defects in manufacturing” for only 20 years. When analyzing window products, it is important to compare R-factors, U values, NFRC ratings, AAMA structural tests and warranties.

Three great reasons to choose MASTERCRAFT as your Boston Window Replacement Contractor:

  • MASTERCRAFT installs beautiful, well constructed, high performance Energy Star windows and doors by Thermal Industries. These windows offer a tremendous value, exceeding the quality and manufacturer warranty offered by high-priced popular brands.
  • MASTERCRAFT is a reputable and licensed specialty window replacement contractor providing exert installation exclusively by professional window installers.
  • MASTERCRAFT installs super warm rated Energy Star windows at unbeatable prices that exceed quality and guarantees offered by even the most popular high priced brands.
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