Protect your Home from Ice Dams and Prevent Costly Home Repairs

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017

Boston Homeowners Don’t Have to Deal with Ice Dams this Winter with the Associated Damages and Costs

Protect your Home from Ice Dams

Many homeowners learn about the damaging effects of ice dams the hard way. After a peaceful and relaxing winter in the Florida sun, all too often they return to their Boston home to discover warped siding, a leaking roof, water-stained ceilings and damaged dry wall and moldings. Even worse, the damp musty odor of mold lingers in furniture, drapes and other soft home furnishings, posing a serious health risk to people and pets living in the home. The costs for repairing such damage to exterior and interior home building materials and furnishings are unimaginable.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you. With just a few simple home improvements done right now, you can achieve peace of mind knowing you are safeguarding your home and family, preventing thousands of dollars in costly repairs from ice dams and a serious mold problem.

Protect your Home from Ice Dams

Two Roofing Home Improvements Done Now Can Prevent the Damaging and Costly Effects from Ice Dams

The first and most important step for a homeowner is to contact a professional Boston roofing contractor to determine if repairs or roof replacement is their best solution. Homes with older roofs can greatly benefit from innovative energy efficient green building roofing in a new roof rather than investing in solutions that will need to be replaced when a new roof is an absolute necessity. Whether roof replacement is recommended or not, two green energy efficient roofing enhancements are a homeowner’s best way to prevent damaging and costly effects from ice dams. These include a quality ice melt roofing system and solar attic roof fans.

Protect your Home from Ice Dams

Solar Attic Fans

After a winter snow and ice storm, hot air in the attic from the sun produces snow melt that with temperature fluctuations, accumulates and refreezes in the roof eaves and valleys. Solar attic roof fans not only eliminate harmful heat build-up but damaging moisture accumulation, another ice dam contributing factor. High humidity in new and older homes results from insufficient ventilation and air exchange. Moisture rises toward the roof where ice forms, damaging roof structures, insulation and plywood and causes mold formation. Solar Star’s revolutionary solar powered attic roof vents is the ideal ventilation solution for elimination of harmful heat build-up and damaging moisture. Solar attic fans by Solar Star are designed for all roof types and can be installed in any sunny roof location or can replace existing roof vents.

Protect your Home from Ice Dams

Ice Melt Roofing Systems

Revolutionary green ice melt roof systems designed for existing roofs and new roof construction, direct thermal energy to the roof edge, roof valleys and drip lines. These systems effectively promote ice melt drainage and prevent refreezing, ice dams and icicle formation that damage roofs, siding and interior structures. Patented and patent pending roof transfer and cable containment system products by HotEdge require 50% less energy and offer sustainability and easy maintenance in addition to a 10-year limited warranty.

Before the brutal Boston winter begins, Boston homeowners are wise to invest in ice melt roof systems and solar fans. The investment is sure to pay for itself many times over in prevention of costly repairs and mold remediation services. Their is no value one can put on the peace of mind these home improvements can provide.

Why Choose MasterCraft as your Boston Roofing Contractor

MASTERCRAFT is a Registered, Licensed and Insured Expert Residential and Commercial Contractor / Installer, providing specialty window, siding and roofing contractor services in the Greater Boston area since 1986. More about our cutting edge Boston roofing contractor services:In addition to windows and siding, our roof replacement warranties are UNMATCHED with 10 years non-prorated for labor and material in addition to a lifetime warranty from Owens Corning manufacturer on the materials..

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  • We are an approved installer for the revolutionary Solar Star Attic Roof Fan product.
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