Energy Star Window Replacement Special in Boston Ending Soon

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017

Window replacement is clearly the single most important way to keep a home comfortable and save money on fuel bills, particularly in the brutally cold Boston area winter months.

Energy Star Window

There is no better time of year for homeowners to prepare for the long, hard and cold Boston winters than the Fall. Before long bitter cold will skyrocket energy costs from drafty and poorly insulated windows and doors. Now is the perfect time to tighten up your home with energy star efficient window replacement and take advantage of some energy booster home improvement packages that will save you hundreds of dollars with a free roof ventilation check – a $200 value!

Homeowners may still qualify for federal tax credits up to $200 for windows and skylights with approved Energy Star products during 2011.

We offer three types of energy star replacement windows:

  • Vinyl windows
  • Vinyl exterior with wood interior windows
  • Vinyl aluminum exterior with wood interior windows

Window Replacement is one of Three Energy Booster Home Improvement Packages Available only through October, 2011!

Window Replacement Package includes:

  • Buy 10 double hung, double pane windows with Argon Low-E Glass
  • Receive 50% discount for   upgrade to triple pane glass and Kryton Gas between panes of glass
  • FREE roof ventilation check   ($200 value)


  • $199 each for 10 Double Hung Triple Pane Windows now only $99 each! ($990)
  • $200 (roof ventilation check)

Total Savings: $1,190

View all Energy Booster Packages here. Energy Booster Package Offer ends 10/31/2011 so don’t delay!

Trust MasterCraft for your Energy Star Window Replacement

  • MASTERCRAFT is a Registered, Licensed and Insured Expert Residential and Commercial Contractor / Installer, providing specialty window, siding and roofing contractor services in the Greater Boston area since 1986.
  • MasterCraft offers UNMATCHED warranties on window, siding and roof replacement services

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