Solar Attic Fans – Install Now to Prevent Costly Repairs and Expenses from Ice Dams

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017

Installing Solar Attic Fans is one of the best ice dam prevention investments for Boston homeowners – fans go a long way for preventing costly damage from ice dams and ultimately safeguarding home and health.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar Powered Attic Fans Reduce Damaging Moisture and Attic Heat

New home construction and older properties may have insufficient ventilation and air exchange. This causes damaging humidity to accumulate, migrate upwards and collect in roofing, insulation and plywood building structures. Besides the damage to these materials, mold forms and circulates throughout the home’s interior, contributing to a variety of health problems for people and pets living in that environment.

With insufficient ventilation, heat accumulates in the attic and is transferred into your home’s living spaces. Not only does this contribute to higher cooling costs in the summer, this build up of heat in the winter allows snow to melt and refreeze as temperatures increase and decline. The accumulation and refreezing of moisture in the roof eaves and valleys produces destructive ice dam formation.

Both of these problems are solved with the proper installation of Solar Star solar attic fans in sunny roof locations of your home. These revolutionary attic fans can actually replace existing roof vents through passive and powered design choices.  Whirlybirds, dormer and powered vent styles can convert existing passive vents into quiet, eco-friendly solar powered solutions that eliminate harmful heat build up and damaging moisture.

Now is the Time to Invest in Solar-Powered Attic Fans

With the winter months fast approaching, you’ll be glad you decided not to delay solar powered attic fan installation for your home or business.  Knowing the damage and costs to your home and health caused by ice dam formation with associated attic heat, moisture and mold formation, smart home owners know that this is the right time to invest in this revolutionary green building technology. The cost savings of clearing ice dams alone through solar attic fan installation and a few other ice melting roofing strategies can pay for themselves in one winter season. Right now is the best time to make this home improvement so that you can look forward to a winter without these major concerns.

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