Energy Star Windows Installed by Boston Window Contractor provide Best Quality for Less

  • By Master Craft
  • 06 Mar, 2017

The Best Value in Energy Star Windows for your Comfort, Energy Costs and Savings this Winter

Energy Star Windows

Replacing your old, drafty, single pane windows with properly installed Energy Star and highly rated windows is your best investment for saving money and energy while keeping warm and comfortable this winter.

Ordinary traditional windows have a single pane of glass through which heat can escape during cold weather and cold during hot weather. Besides higher fuel costs, single pane windows make interior rooms feel drafty and uncomfortable. Many ordinary windows also require ongoing and costly maintenance like painting and sealing.

Performance Measures for ENERGY STAR windows and doors.

ENERGY STAR Windows and Doors that qualified for tax credits in 2010 and 2011 provided these three major benefits:

  • Save energy & money on fuel costs
  • Improved comfort in hot and cold weather
  • Prevent fading of home furnishings and interior structures

Saving Energy and Money   (energy and cost savings based on research)Approximately one-quarter of household energy use comes from penetration of heat and cold through and around windows. This makes window replacement the number one priority for energy savings.

  • When comparing qualified to non-qualified Energy Star rated window products, properly installed qualified ENERGY STAR windows and doors in your home will result in a 7-15% reduction in energy bills.
  • Reducing energy consumption is good for the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Improved Comfort

ENERGY STAR qualified windows can balance the temperature in your home during winter and summer months, keeping temperatures consistent and comfortable in cold and warm weather.

Prevent Fading of Interior Furnishings

ENERGY STAR qualified windows have special coatings that filter out damaging UV rays from direct sunlight that fade or discolor furnishings, drapes, carpet and wood flooring over time.

How to Get Better Quality than Anderson Window Replacement and at a Much Better Price

Nationally advertised window brands for window replacement can be inferior in quality and cost more. Consider that window brands like Anderson pay huge amounts of money in advertising to promote their brand. This accounts for a higher cost but not necessarily a better window.

When comparing window brands, it is important to focus on important “warm values” such as the U-value and R-factors. These are not even mentioned in the Anderson Renewal literature. Anderson’s Fibrex frame, although innovative, is warranteed for only 10 years and the glass is warranted to be free from “defects in manufacturing” for only 20 years. Anderson brochures are smart and professional but a smart consumer will be looking for the R-factors, U values, NFRC ratings, AAMA structural tests and warranties.

What you Can Expect from MASTERCRAFT for your Window Replacement Project

At MASTERCRAFTt, we look out for your best interest when it comes to replacement windows. During our free, no-obligation appointment to determine your quote on your replacement window installation, we show you how we compare to more expensive national brands and why we are your very best choice.

MASTERCRAFT installs beautiful, well constructed, high performance Energy Star windows and doors by Thermal Industries. These windows offer a tremendous value, exceeding the quality and manufacturer warranty offered by high-priced popular brands. Energy Star windows and doors we install are made of vinyl or aluminum on the exterior with choices for no-maintenance vinyl or wood that can be painted or stained on the interior. Our windows are every bit as beautiful as Anderson but when you compare our feature list against Anderson, you will see the benefit in choosing MasterCraft replacement windows every time.

Trust MASTERCRAFT for your Energy Star Window Replacement

  • MASTERCRAFT is a Registered, Licensed and Insured Expert Residential and Commercial Contractor / Installer, providing specialty window, siding and roofing contractor services in the Greater Boston area since 1986.
  • MASTERCRAFT provides reputable and licensed specialty window replacement contractor services including exert installation exclusively by professional window installers.

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