Prevent Winter Ice Dams and Roof Damage Coming Soon to Boston MA

  • By Master Craft
  • 09 Mar, 2017
Prevent Winter Ice Dams

Nobody wants to think about damaging ice dams and all the destruction they bring to homeowners in the form of roof damage, mold, warped siding and damage to dry wall, ceilings, interior materials, window coverings and furnishings. And too often homeowners in the Boston Massachusetts area and other harsh Northern climates don’t realize the effects until damage is extensive and quite costly.

Fortunately with some revolutionary green building solutions, ice dams can be minimized and prevented entirely. Energy efficient ice melt roof systems and solar attic fans save on heating and cooling, prevent mold and costly damage from ice dams.

Ice Melt Roof Systems

Patented and patent pending roof transfer and cable containment system products by HotEdge, direct thermal energy to the roof edge, roof valleys and drip lines where they promote ice melt drainage and prevent refreezing, ice dams and icicle formation. HotEdge green building ice melt roof products for existing and new roof construction, require 50% less energy and offer sustainability and easy maintenance in addition to a 10-year limited warranty.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans by Solar Star® provide the ideal ventilation solution for eliminating harmful heat build-up and damaging moisture. High humidity from insufficient ventilation and air exchange is a problem in older properties and even in newly constructed homes. Moisture ascends toward the roof where ice and frost form, causing damage to roof structures, insulation and plywood, promoting mold formation that circulates throughout the home. Solar Star’s revolutionary solar powered attic roof vents prevent all of this from happening. Solar attic fans by Solar Star are designed for all roof types and can be installed in any sunny roof location or can replace existing roof vents.

Summer is the ideal time to enhance your roof’s protection with an investment in ice melt roof systems and solar fans. These savvy green building solutions will pay for themselves again and again as they protect your home from the costly effects of ice dams, save you money on extensive repairs, prevent serious health risks from mold formation, and give you peace of mind.

MasterCraft wants to be your roofing specialty contractor in the Greater Boston MA area.

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